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Lending in CA and AZ only
Lending in CA and AZ only

Home Loans & Mortgages in Scottsdale, AZ

Mike Faulkner and his teammates at APMC are indeed the “Real Deal”!!! My experience with most professionals is, unfortunately, that they over-promise and under-perform. But Mike Faulkner and his teammates at APMC delivered on everything they suggested they could do! My loan went from application to closing in only 25 days! On my end, I delivered all documents to them within a day of request. On their end, every time I submitted information, it was input to the lending-application pipeline within 24 hours. No delays! More importantly, Mike explained everything in crystal-clear detail, AND he went out of his way to explain other economic concepts surrounding the lending process so that I knew what to expect and when and… WHY! Nothing was left to chance! Now I’ve got my dream of an AZ home fulfilled!! Thanks to Mike Faulkner and his team!!!

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