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Lending in CA and AZ only
Lending in CA and AZ only

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It was a breeze working with Michael. He was dedicated to get my purchase closed within 21 days and he did do it in 21 days. I was quite impressive. One thing that kind of got me was that in the beginning I asked to see how much the loan process would cost and I was only informed about the application fee of $5xx something dollars while I was getting quotes like 7k from other place. Turned out the 500 something dollars was just the application fee, I paid the same 7k in loan costs here too, they just charge you for it one way or another. BUT and YES there is a big BUT, if I am paying the same 7k for closing to whichever party I would chose Michael again in a heartbeat. It’s because he truly is dedicated, he communicated over the weekends even when he didn’t have to, he got it closed in 21 days. That was absolutely the most important things for me as other banks were quoting 45-60 days for closing. So if you are going to pay the same money to someone else, i would say just pick Mike instead cause you might as well have a loan officer on your side who actually cares about you getting the house when you need it. Thanks again Mike!

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