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Lending in CA and AZ only
Lending in CA and AZ only

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My wife and I recently bought our first home with the help of American Pacific Mortgage, more specifically Michael Faulkner and Catherine Nevarez. We were very nervous going into the process but Mike and Cathy were extremely helpful with easing our nerves and answering all of our questions. Cathy and Mike helped us with everything from getting our initial loan pre-approval all the way up through the signing and have continued to assist us in the beginning stages of our home ownership. It was great to have a constant advisor and person to contact with any questions we had. Cathy and Mike clearly laid out everything we would need to do and explained to us the purpose of every transaction. There were many times where either myself or my wife would call Mike or Cathy for further understanding on certain things and they would always be more than willing to further explain the subject. Overall, our experience with Mike and Cathy and American Pacific Mortgage was very positive. They helped us to achieve a goal we never thought we would accomplish at this point in our lives and we thank them for that.

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