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Lending in CA and AZ only
Lending in CA and AZ only

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I am extremely grateful that an equally supportive and knowledgeable real estate agent in David Newman, introduced me to you to take care of my refinance needs. It is daunting enough to trust anyone to take care of a huge investment like a home loan but you delivered the best product, best team and best result at the speediest time possible. You explained to the best of your knowledge how refinancing worked in a layman’s term which made it easy for us to understand and benefit from refunds, credits and reimbursements.

As a result, as evident to the numerous referrals I have given you, this proves how much I trust your services because my reputation is at stake if any of my colleagues were not satisfied and happy with what you deliver. And sure enough – you delivered! I promise you this is not our first and last transaction; you will be first on my list when opportunity arises when another home-owner is looking for an excellent and ‘honest’ loan officer in the future. Allow me to take a moment to personally thank you for the high professionalism and the unprecedented thoughtful dedication throughout the whole loan process.

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