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Lending in CA and AZ only
Lending in CA and AZ only

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Michael and American Pacific are a true class act and absolute professionals to work with. You will never not know where you stand with your loan or what is needed to finalize your sale/purchase. Michael is probably the best I’ve ever met when it comes to follow up and communication.

Our most recent transaction w/ Michael went through several transformations… originally beginning as a simple investment property loan, then morphing into a property search for a family member… and ultimately ending with us purchasing a new primary residence. Through all the changes and time involved with altering the transaction…Michael continued to be as responsive and helpful as he was on day 1. I’ve known many brokers who were super responsive until the first hiccup and then suddenly realize that there might be work involved and instantly turn to terrible communicators. Michael and the team at AP are certainly a cut above those outfits and I highly recommend them to ANYONE and EVERYONE. Skip the headaches and heartaches that tend to accompany your mortgage and speak to Michael Faulkner at American Pacific and you will be happy you did. I know my family certainly was.

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